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Kenpure Water Soultions

Pioneering Excellence in Water Purification Since 2007

Kenpure Water Solutions emerged in 2007 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Rajeshwar Reddy Singireddy, an expert in the realm of manufacturing and supplying pure mineral water systems for well over two decades. Kenpure is synonymous with excellence in water filtration, purification, and treatment solutions. We take immense pride in delivering top-notch water purifying systems and their components, catering to the diverse needs of domestic, commercial, industrial, educational institutions, hospitals, and government organizations.

Kenpure Water Solutions now offers a wide range of water purifiers, ionizers, hydrogen water generators, H2AA water jugs and bottles, and softeners under the brand name KENAIX. KENAIX water purifiers from Kenpure Water Solutions combines latest technologies with elegant styles. Available in variety of colors and elegant styles, KENAIX water purifiers now comes with latest technologies such as Copper Charge Technology which infuses RO water with 99.8% pure copper instantly; and next generation RO water purification with Alkaline that enhances pH Level of the purified water up to 9.5.


"Our mission is to make safe and pure drinking water accessible to every community, bridging the gap between water availability and quality."


  • Bridging the gap where safe drinking water is scarce.
  • Improving public health and hygiene by ensuring clean and pure water.
  • Developing cutting-edge water treatment systems adaptable to varying water sources.
  • Promoting sustainable water management practices for a greener future.

Innovative Designs

Kenpure's innovative water purifier designs not only simplify installation but also ensure reliable operation. Our extensive range of sizes and designs empowers you to tackle virtually any RO and UV application requirement with ease. When you choose Kenpure, you choose excellence in water solutions that go beyond your expectations.


Our Founder

Mr. Rajeshwar Reddy Singireddy, boasting over two decades of experience in the water purification industry, founded Kenpure Water Solutions in 2007 with a vision to revolutionize people's access to clean water. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to addressing water purifier-related challenges and crafting sustainable solutions. His primary goal with Kenpure Water Solutions is to pioneer innovative water treatment systems that elevate water quality and safety for communities. Familiar with the company's mission, he is dedicated to delivering top-notch water purification systems while advocating for sustainability and eco-friendliness.


Quality Assured

At Kenpure, we source the core components of our water purifiers from renowned manufacturers in the USA, Japan, Gemrnay, Taiwan and South Korea, ensuring the highest quality and reliability. Our specialty lies in crafting custom-built Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV) water filtration systems tailored to meet our customers' precise water requirements. Behind every Kenpure system stands a team of seasoned professionals, dedicated to addressing your compliance needs.


Customers First

We are proactive by nature, constantly striving to cultivate enduring partnerships with our valued customers. We recognize the paramount importance of relationships and foster open communication channels with our clients. Your feedback is our compass, guiding us toward continuous improvement. We are committed to exceeding your expectations with responsive and professional customer care, all while offering top-quality specialty products at competitive prices.

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